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Sarvin Ridge‎ to Annie Labri - psychic medium

May 3

WOW! Such amazing, beautiful cards. They just speak to me and it's so easy to connect with spirit.
The colours and the art work are just incredible! Would love to have them up on my walls.
If you haven't got some I'd highly recommend trying some out!
If you're new to Tarot these are amazingly easy to learn with!!

Thank you so much Annie for this amazing gift to the universe!


Raul Angelic Messenger  FB May 2018...

The Gorgeous and multitalented Annie Labri has created an amazing Tarot deck her great knowledge experience and expertise as a Psychic Medium and Artist has been highlighted in the deck entitled Annie Labri Tarot accompanied by a well written and easy to follow book which allows novices to Tarot like myself to understand and use the deck in a very clear and simple way!



Jodie /2014/ live tv reading. (Testimonial posted on facebook)

 thank u sooooo much Annie, just had a question answered on telly!! U were so right on everything that u told really helped with my work as i did have a major conflict @ 1month ago. Will have to ring u 4 a bit more detail ;) much love and light to u ..

Rosalyn, @ northern beaches.

I personally am so grateful to have met Annie, she has been an inspiration and great support in my life, a year ago I started my own business and went under a lot of stress through my home life, family, and work. I called upon Annie many times and not only has she predicted a lot of what was to come she had given me the tools and guidance to deal with these hard times as they came forth. Most recently I moved house as predicted and my little dog got out, I could'nt find her anywhere, Annie helped me locate her and I will be forever grateful. Annie's essence is addictive to be around, she is a phenomenal woman.

Romina/2015/Tarot Workshop

Just wanted to say thank you to a beautiful soul Anni Labri, she taught my daughter and I to read the tarot in a simplistic way. She is a talented psychic and artist! Love your tarot designs .... I was blessed to have seen them in the making. One great teacher. Love Romina xx  

Thankyou everyone LOVES your cards the vibrations are like a humming bird 💞you were nicknamed “star lady”


Thankyou Adelle's Heirlooms/ WA for this beautiful post/testimonial above on our live broadcast October 2018

Andrew/  2014/ celebrity live reading..

Thank u Accurate Annie 4 the accurate reading. I loved seeing the Rose Quartz come out 1st (Thank u Mal). I have been told b4 that I have feminine energy. I do have back problems (Thorasic & lumbar scoliosis) & weakness in the arms. I do believe in past lives. I appreciate the reading with the Crystals immensely xo

Jennifer @ New Moon store/ Castle hill

Hey Annie, thanks for the business guidance, everything that you brought to my attention 8 months ago came to fruition. Your reading last week gave the business a new direction and plenty for me to think about. I might have to consider you in my business plan. Check out the Channel 10 National News Clip. Love your work.

Annie Labri Psychic medium Bunbury Western Australia
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